Jim Stewart, CEO

With a dedicated focus on interim and fractional talent acquisition, Jim specializes in assisting middle market companies in restructuring, diversifying their operations, and enhancing their competitiveness. With a wealth of experience as a CEO in durable goods manufacturing companies across various industries, Jim brings invaluable expertise to the table.

Jim’s professional journey includes serving as CEO for leading companies in plastic injection molding, open form fiberglass molding, and as VP/GM of two large building products companies. Throughout his career, he has successfully led multiple acquisition, integration, and divestiture teams, demonstrating his proficiency in strategic decision-making and business development.

In addition to his corporate experience, Jim has also excelled in international business development, overseeing the establishment and operation of manufacturing plants, and managing ventures and business relationships across wide geographies. His extensive network of qualified executives around the world further enhances his ability to connect clients with top talent.

We are committed to helping companies thrive by identifying and securing the right talent to drive success. Whether you’re in need of executive leadership, operational expertise, or strategic guidance, Jim is here to support you every step of the way.

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You can contact Jim at: JStewart@ESInterims.com
Phone: 214.801.7316 (direct)