Jim Stewart, CEO

Jim has focused on talent acquisition in middle market companies that needed help
in restructuring, diversifying their operations or improving their competitiveness. Jim’s
experience includes serving as CEO for durable goods manufacturing companies in the
automotive, appliance, and building products industries. He has led multiple acquisition,
integration and divestiture teams. Jim has provided leadership in international business
development, built and operated manufacturing plants, managed ventures and business
relationships across wide geography. More recently, corporate experience includes:

• Kalfact Plastics (Injection Molding)
• Hamilton Plastics (Plastic Molding)
• Monier, Inc. (Building Products)
• Acme Brick Company (Building Products)

Jim has established an impressive personal network of qualified executives around the

You can contact Jim at: JStewart@ESInterims.com
Phone: 214.801.7316 (direct)