ES Interims’ Musings

As part of ES Interims’ effort to spread the word about the benefits of Interim Managers/Executives (Interims), we think about ways to employ Interims that may not be the first thought for companies with a need.  We publish these ideas on our website, blog and social media.

organization-imgTO HIRE OR NOT TO HIRE

Weigh The Options

When a company has well established procedures with no expected change of direction, the environment is good to hire an employee.  If disruption is an issue or there is a need to manage an anxious staff, or a new direction is needed, it may be an environment best suited for an interim to establish the change, document the process then hire an employee.  The interim can serve as a guide during the new employee orientation.  Read More.

Interim Management for Small Companiesesslide2

The topic for this discussion is “Interim Management for Small Companies”.  First things first; we realize most small companies are well managed by the founders or professional managers.  However, in almost every case, when we asked company leaders about a pet project or a project that can’t seem to be wrapped up, we learn of a need that can be filled by an Interim.  Read More.